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Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here although I have sent folks to listen to many of the shows I’ve done here because the information is still good.

Yet, why did I quit doing Rawkin’ Radio?

Many of those I’d interviewed wanted to be re-interviewed regarding their food-style changes. They had gone from 100% raw (from what they said) ~ to paleo. Not to cooked vegetable, fruit, greens, etc. but to meat-eating.

What people choose to do is always up to them yet, that was not something I could support. Quite a few of these folk had healed themselves with raw vegan, coming from a carnivorous background so, I couldn’t see the point.

What I think is funny are the people who talk about eating grass fed beef, or whatever bacon and/or eggs (I’m not up on the vernacular) do make me laugh. So many of these people couldn’t afford organic fruit and vegetables, now they’re paying top price for “grass-fed butter”…. WTH?

I’m guessing many who label themselves “paleo” are rationalizing that they can’t afford grass-fed this or free-range that and are basically just ~ Atkinesers. (Yes, I made that up.)

Anyway, just wanted to post something here; it’s been awhile.

Rawkin Talk soon!


Jackie Graff, RN, BSN – Living Foods Chef
Jackie Graff
A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.S. degree in Nursing, Jackie has 30 years of experience in various areas of patient care and education. She is a Gourmet Living Foods Chef, Educator, Health Consultant, and a 100% live foodist. As a nurse, Jackie has worked for 33 years with patients with all diseases and conditions, and could not heal them or herself… she could only relieve their pain, and give them some measures of comfort, and in crisis situations, assist in saving their lives.

Gideon Graff

Gideon Graff

Born in Israel, Gideon is a graduate of the Haifa Institute of Technology in Hospitality Management, with many years of experience managing resorts and luxury hotels, and is a 100% live foodist.

RawDawgRoryHey everyone! My name is Rory and I’m a former CT native, born and grew up in West Haven. I moved to PA to do an organic farming internship at the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living where I not only learned a lot of the hands on experience of farming but I also met the girl of my dreams! Not a bad deal eh? I got into raw foods about two years ago and after learning a lot I’ve eased comfortably into the 100% raw lifestyle and I’m loving it! I was certified in raw and living foods prep by Jody Allen (an amazing raw food chef and teacher with over ten years experience, check out her work and beautiful recipes not to mention classes at Loving Life Cafe) and it was such a great experience!

When I’m not busy being a food geek … I like to read (especially DIY stuff and about spirituality), LOVE music! Anything from Dave Mathews to DJ Shadow, They Might Be Giants, Angels and Airwaves, Motion City Soundtrack, Danger Doom, Unkle, Death Cab for Cutie and waaaaaay to many more to type out! I enjoy movies of all sorts from cheezy horror flicks to documentaries, and even romantic comedies (thanks for dragging me kickin’ and screaming into this wonderful genre, Amanda!). I enjoy stand up comedy especially Eddie Izzard and George Carlin (miss ya man, thanks for all the laughter and busted guts). I love going for walks, hikes and hittin’ the Wii Fit! I try to find time for my other passion; building and creating stuff (hopefully a lovely lil’ strawbale house someday!). I haven’t lost my passion for organic farming, although I’ve steered my life in a different direction now. I still look forward to the day when I can create a small homestead Permaculture food system for me and my family! Most of all I love doing all these things and more with my lovely wife and daughter! My wifes’ handy work can be seen in the design of my page (and painstakingly corrected grammar!) and the filming and editing of my raw-food recipe videos. Thanks for all your hard work and for bringing out all sorts of stuff in me that’ll never make it to the final video edits! *laughing* I’d also like to say Hi to our wonderful daughter Isabel! Rock on and when are you coming out with your next raw-food video?? Much love to everyone checking out my work and passions and all my friends and family everywhere!

ElainaLoveThis interview took a surprising turn for me when I found out a few minutes before that Elaina’s son had been diagnosed with Leukemia. We spoke quite a bit about that and how she dealt with it and that her ex-husband is not raw and the choices made and still being made. Fascinating and open interview.


Alissa CohenFormer co-host and originator of Rawkin’ Radio is back! We’ve finally gotten together to share what’s going on in the life of Alissa Cohen. Some of the questions asked are:

What’s been happening?
Are you still back on the West Coast?
What’s the name of your new restaurant and when is it opening?
Whatever happened with your dehydrator?
You don’t seem to hang out much in the “raw community” but go about your own business…
What do you eat now?
How does Dennis feel about starting a new restaurant?
When’s your new book coming out and what’s it about?

Join us and catch up with one of the leading raw food advocates in the world!

Kate "Magic" WoodSince she is a mom, I asked some of the following questions:
How did you get started with Raw?
Were you raw when you had your children?
How were the births?
You say “predominantly” Raw ~ what does that mean?
Let’s talk about cacao ~
Why do some people have issues with cacao?
I know you sell superfoods yet, What do you think of the divisiveness between those who tend to eat simply ~ just raw and those who are promoting super foods almost to the exclusivity of fresh picked?
How do you feel about the trend many formerly raw vegans are pursuing with eating raw animal products?

Kate is one of the leading raw food promoters in the UK She has sixteen years experience in raw eating and is raising a family of three boys on a predominantly raw diet. She is former editor of Get Fresh! the world’s most popular raw food magazine, and author of the bestseller Eat Smart Eat Raw. She also runs Raw Living, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of raw food, super foods and kitchen equipment.

Kate’s Site
Please support Rawkin’ Radio by purchasing books here. Thank you:

Sarma MelngailisIn this interview we talk about Sarma’s beginnings, how she got interested in raw; her background and education in the culinary arts. I asked Sarma what she would tell someone who wanted to open their own restaurant and if she’s planning on opening more. We chatted about her “One Lucky Duck” website and the currently high cost of organics.

I also asked about the use of maple syrup, wine and sake in some of their recipes and what alternatives might be for non-drinkers. (Of course, there are so many choices of things to drink, drink something else). This just reminded me how people get stuck on things like wanting to eat raw potatoes. There are so many other options, why get stuck on one thing?

So, enjoy the interview, purchase the book and support Rawkin Radio please.

Susan SchenckWhen I heard about this book I just HAD to have it! It’s 660 pages of research. This is THE book to answer all those questions you friends, family and health care practitioners ask. This is THE book with all the scientific research. Besides all that, there advice on staying raw in a cooked world, raising raw children and a whole lot more. In my opinion, this book ranks up there with “The China Study” and “Diet for a New America”.

A few of the questions I asked during our interview are~

Why did she go raw?
If dead, how does cooked food keep us alive?
How did she come to creating “The Live Food Factor”?
Do drugs work?
What’s the truth about bacteria and viruses?

These and more were asked during our :30 interview. Please, tune in AND, check out this GREAT offer for “The Live Food Factor“! <<<---- click there and receive $5 off the retail price plus, many, many bonuses! You'll be SO happy you did!

Live Food Factor

Dr. Fred BisciI’ve been trying to get Fred to join me here on Rawkin’ Radio for quite some time. When I began, I was told he wasn’t doing interviews. Lucky for us, he’s back in the limelight. He also has a new book and dvd out. About Dr. Fred Bisci:

Dr. Fred Bisci has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. Fred, as he prefers to be called, has had a pioneering and active practice in New York City for over forty years. He has worked with over 35,000 people all over the world with numerous health issues by helping them change their eating and drinking lifestyles through his Real, Fresh Food approach. His outlook is unique. He looks at biochemical interrelationships, rather than a simple dietary or nutritional standpoint. This biochemical appreciation of how the multiple variables work in the human body are directly related to a lifestyle of what is left out and what is put in. Fred has developed the INTERMEDIATE LEVEL MENU which is the core feature for creating a Healthy Lifestyle Program. His program helps you name your current program and meets you “where you’re at”. Fred empowers you to set healthier personal parameters through eating and drinking various combinations of food as you commit to a Healthy Lifestyle Program. Fred’s main foundation built from his devotion to helping others, combined with his raw food lifestyle for over forty years, has revealed the intimate relationship of real food and the body’s God-given ability to always seek health.

Dr Fred Bisci’s Website

Revvell Interviews Rhio

04 28th, 2009

RhioAbout Rhio

Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. Rhio is of Hungarian-Cuban descent, raised in the U.S., but completely fluent in Spanish. Her first book “Hooked on Raw” is about living a life more closely aligned with Nature by adopting a raw/live food lifestyle. The 358-page book also covers many of the reasons for making these healthy lifestyle changes, as well as more than 350 raw recipes in all categories. Some recipes are very simple to prepare and some are more gourmet.

CNN and American Journal aired stories on raw foods featuring Rhio. She is considered an expert in the area of raw and living foods and lectures on both the raw/live food lifestyle and the genetic engineering of seeds/plants.

As a singer, Rhio has appeared on numerous TV shows. Currently she is completing her third CD album entitled “Time to Start Believin’ Again”, which tackles environmental issues and includes some humorous raw food songs. For more information on Rhio’s music projects, visit: Rhio’s Music

Rhio hosts an internet radio show called Hooked on Raw on which she will be interviewing Revvell on May 14, ’09 at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

Rhio’s Raw Energy website also provides extensive information on the raw/live food lifestyle, as well as organic agriculture, environmental, human rights, civil rights, globalization and economic justice issues.

On the horizon: Rhio’s video series on raw food preparation entitled “What’s Not Cookin’ in Rhio’s Kitchen” Volume 1 will be released in May 2009. Volumes 2 & 3 are set for release in Spring 2010.

Rhio and her partner Leigh, are also fledgling permaculture, biodynamic,
eco-farmers in Upstate New York with a focus on growing edible wild foods, heirloom vegetables, leafy greens and lettuces, fruit, berries and nuts.