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Jackie Graff, RN, BSN – Living Foods Chef
Jackie Graff
A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.S. degree in Nursing, Jackie has 30 years of experience in various areas of patient care and education. She is a Gourmet Living Foods Chef, Educator, Health Consultant, and a 100% live foodist. As a nurse, Jackie has worked for 33 years with patients with all diseases and conditions, and could not heal them or herself… she could only relieve their pain, and give them some measures of comfort, and in crisis situations, assist in saving their lives.

Gideon Graff

Gideon Graff

Born in Israel, Gideon is a graduate of the Haifa Institute of Technology in Hospitality Management, with many years of experience managing resorts and luxury hotels, and is a 100% live foodist.

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