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Susan SchenckWhen I heard about this book I just HAD to have it! It’s 660 pages of research. This is THE book to answer all those questions you friends, family and health care practitioners ask. This is THE book with all the scientific research. Besides all that, there advice on staying raw in a cooked world, raising raw children and a whole lot more. In my opinion, this book ranks up there with “The China Study” and “Diet for a New America”.

A few of the questions I asked during our interview are~

Why did she go raw?
If dead, how does cooked food keep us alive?
How did she come to creating “The Live Food Factor”?
Do drugs work?
What’s the truth about bacteria and viruses?

These and more were asked during our :30 interview. Please, tune in AND, check out this GREAT offer for “The Live Food Factor“! <<<---- click there and receive $5 off the retail price plus, many, many bonuses! You'll be SO happy you did!

Live Food Factor

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