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Dr. Douglas GrahamI asked Dr. Graham to join me here again because there was a recent issue about cacao and the 80/10/10 diet was brought into the discussion. Besides responding to the statements made we also spoke about eating raw (specifically the 80/10/10) in colder areas, anti-nutrients, eating the same thing daily, does cacao REALLY “cure cavities’?, water, children and raw and their teeth, nutrition and lifestyle; emotional eating and more.

This is a special hour-long edition.

Please join Dr. Graham and I on my newest program, Let’s Talk Raw where you, as the listener, can ask YOUR questions about health, the 80/10/10 diet and more.

Enjoy and Injoy,


6 Responses to “Revvell Chats with Dr. Doug Graham again”

  1. Jan Brodsky Says:

    Hi Revvell,

    thank you for bringing Dr. Graham on again. His words really need to be spread out much more. The infomation Dr. Doug gives every time I hear him speak, make so much common sense that you would have to be deaf, brainless or ignorant, to not understand the points he is trying to make. In my case Dr. Graham’s wisdom helped me end the first rather challenging and painful phase of my living food journey. His principles and concepts eventually got me out of the dark tunnel and brought my state of well-being to the spheres which I never thought were possible.

    Thank you again.

    With love and blessings of vibrant health

    Jan Brodsky

  2. Alex in Calgary Says:

    thanks for this intriguing interview and mentioning Canada on this diet. I’ve tried it for 4 months and I have had the worst nutritional deficiencies and tooth decay in my life ! I think the main reason is that fruit here is not as natural as say getting the best quality food as found in the tropics (or Florida). Immature fruit that is acid-forming, shipped for weeks until they reach your grocery store shelf, taken home to ripen a few more days in the kitchen cupboard like they do in nature ? I’m now iron-deficient anemic, have malabsorption issues, and very low cholesterol levels. Tim Van Orden told me to eat more fats to make up for the stress we endure in the western world. I read an online article from a mother and her children suffering on the 80/10/10 diet, she says: “Now, for my theories. Along with our mineral deficiencies, our hair tests gave an indication of our toxicities– a moderate level of aluminum & arsenic. Not really beyond the range of the toxicities many people carry, but our total toxicity/deficiency profile indicates there MAY be some mercury toxicity as well (but there is no accurate test of this). Mercury is known for interfering with mineral transport. So, in other words, though we may technically have been getting enough nutrients, mercury can prevent its uptake. It can also make it very difficult to maintain a proper balance of intestinal flora so yeast can get out of control. Yeast overgrowth contributes to malabsorption and susceptibility to viruses and parasites. Yeast can apparently mutate to feed off of fruits.”

    Pardon me for making this comment post so long, I just felt it necessary to share some insight into why this diet may not be working ideally for everyone as Doug claims. I love fruit too and wish I could live off of it but my body is not reacting positively so I have to change it up a bit once more. I thought I had finally found the ‘holy grail’ of nutrition but yet again my journey continues. I’m hoping you can put up a show about this most pressing issue. I’m now 70 % raw focusing on the greens. My teeth have gotten better, I don’t have the tar build up on my teeth as I used to. I tried following fruit with greens like celery, cucumber, etc. In fact I followed a lot of advice from the 811 leaders but to no avail. I hope you can address this on one of your shows and perhaps even interview Dr. Graham again on this topic as I’m sure many others can relate to my story. I’m glad that he mentioned in the ending that you must find what works for you. Indeed everyone has a different body make up. Thanks Revvel, I love your shows, you remind me of Delilah… lol

    Alex in Calgary, Canada

  3. Darlene Navarre Says:

    When I eat the 811 way I feel the best. I too get people who have done the 811 and also said it does not work for them. I would really like to know what I could do to help them.
    Thank you,
    Fruity Green Goddess Momma

  4. Sharon Says:

    Thanks for this Revvell. I’m a Dr. D fan but haven’t listened in so long, it’s a very encouraging and stimulating interview!

  5. Cam in Vancouver, Canada Says:

    Another great interview with Doug Graham, thank you. I’ve been closely following Dr. Graham’s program and have had excellent results. No nutritional deficiencies and no need (or desire) for cacao. Living in a northern climate has it’s challenging times in the winter when we don’t get much sun, but that’s a consequence I’m willing to pay for living so far from my natural environment. Maybe in the future I will have the opportunity to move closer to the equator.

    To my fellow Canadians and other northern climate dwellers:

    It is possible to thrive on this diet in our climate, but it does take practice. Don’t forget your body has had many years of eating a certain way. If you start switching things up it will present you with some symptoms you may not be used to at first. In my experience if you are patient and diligent with your program these symptoms will go away.

    If you are trying to the the 80/10/10 program without reading the book you will most likely run into issues of misunderstanding on how to follow the diet correctly. This is why I think most people fail. In fact it took me a few failures to get where I am now. It was worth it.

    Thanks again for your show.

    Cam in Vancouver, Canada

  6. DFL Says:

    This guy is just brilliant!!! I love listening to him…..so sensible!!!

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