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Paul NisonHAD to ask Paul about his wife Andrea’s pregnancy; home-birth, food program, exercise and more. Then we got to talking about his new book, “The Daylight Diet” which will be up on this site when it’s available on Amazon. We spoke about what prompted him to write it; how to deal with hunger at night; raw junk food; emotional eating, water, what kind?

You can find Paul at:
Paul Nison
Raw Life
Blog where he’s posting a new video every day.

2 Responses to “After Baby Noa Raquel and Before the New Book with Paul Nison”

  1. Dougie Says:

    Hey, everyday I am inspired by your posts. So much so that I started to get into blogging. I’m three years raw and loving every second of it. Please let me know what you think lovinglivingraw.com

  2. Revvell Says:

    Good job Dougie. Happy to be an inspiration. ~ Revvell ~ http://BodaciousLiving.com.

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