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This interview went everywhere but where I expected it to. We talked about breastfeeding, outgassing from furniture, nutrients during pregnancy and for children, transitioning and more.

Shazzie was born in Yorkshire, England on 23rd of January 1969. At the age of 16 she became a vegetarian and was an ethical vegan 2 years later. At the age of 30, Shazzie became a raw foodist for health reasons. For almost four years she ate an exclusively raw vegan diet, then, during pregnancy, she ate some cooked food due to cravings and sickness. Now, she’s about 95% raw, and is happy there. Becoming a raw foodist was an intrinsic part of her journey towards mental, spiritual and physical freedom.

In 2004, Shazzie gave birth to her beautiful daughter Evie. She’s also a raw foodist, and is breastfed, unvaccinated, co-sleeps and is as natural as someone can be in the UK! She’s happy, intelligent and very healthy. Shazzie and Evie live together in Cambridge, UK.

Check out her website here.


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